Case 2 - How to estimate the refrigeration load for a new food product


This is a common problem in the food industry when introducing a new product. What refrigeration equipment capacity will be required? What residence time will it require for a freezer, chiller or both?

The primary input to calculating an answer is the enthalpy or heat content of the product and for that we need enthalpy versus temperature and thermal conductivity data for a wide range of common foods, eg. chicken, lean pork and green vegetable matter and food components such as fat and protein.

In the food industry sector page under evitherm  provides links to simple analytical equations that allow a calculation to be made of the freezing or chilling time based on the Plank equation using enthalpy and thermal conductivity data for the food product or its components.

Evitherm also provides access to experts who can provide a more confident analysis of the problem, as well as advising on capacity and performance of the industrial plant involved.