CINDAS (the Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis at Purdue University) has managed a comprehensive and systematic research programme on the properties and behaviour of materials for over 45 years. CINDAS has achieved a worldwide reputation among engineers and scientists. The research programme involves:

  • basic and applied research
  • experimental techniques and literature searches
  • identification and collection of available and relevant worldwide scientific and echnical literature
  • compilation, critical evaluation, correlation, and synthesis of both existing and new experimental data

The objective is to provide reliable reference data (recommended values) and estimated values if there are gaps in measured values. CINDAS provides critically evaluated materials properties databases for thermal, mechanical, electrical, physical and other properties of various materials.

To learn more you can inspect the CINDAS data and functions for free in the CINDAS demo version.

Evitherm is pleased to acknowledge CINDAS as a supporter of The evitherm Society.