European measurement and research laboratories, academic institutions and industrial organisations offer a variety of training courses relevant to emissivity and related properties, both on a regular basis or by arrangement.

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Title Supplier Contact Notes
Infrared-optical measurements  ZAE Bayern, Germany

Jochen Manara Training course for infrared-optical measurements with FTIR-spectrometers and diffraction spectrometers. Covers measurement methods and physical laws, measurement procedures, calculation of spectral emittance from spectral transmittance and reflectance.
The course takes two or three days. The maximum number of participants is five.

Date by arrangement.

Emissivity measurement NPL, United Kingdom

Bufa Zhang

Training tailored to customer requirements. Covers measurement technique, documentation, hands-on demonstration, reference materials, standards & traceability and accreditation issues.

Date by arrangement

Emissivity measurement CNR-IMGC, Italy

Mauro Battuello IMGC activates on request training courses on radiative properties measurements. Lessons on theoretycal aspects of the thermal radiation and the different techniques for measurement of radiative properties and laboratory training may be activated on specific needs of customers. Courses in both English or Italian languages may be arranged.

Date by arrangement

Emissivity measurement Risų National Laboratory, Denmark

Sonnik Clausen Specific training courses on demand of customers, i.e. courses in measuring thermal properties of materials (and products, e.g. heating elements, furnaces, etc) using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The courses are typical 1 - 2 days and activated on request. The courses are typically combined with FTIR measurements on samples, including calibration of instrumentation (e.g. FTIR spectrometer and blackbody of participant), data analysis, etc.

Date by arrangement

ESAS: European School of Advanced Studies

Master in Material Science

Universitą di Pavia, Italy

Angiolino Stella The Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS) at the University of Pavia offers international advanced undergraduate and graduate (MA and PhD level) programs.
The IUSS prepares brilliant individuals to take on the most challenging and demanding public and private posts in contemporary Italy, Europe, the Mediterranean area and the rest of the world. Master Courses in Material Science are offered yearly on most advanced scientific issues and topics.

Date: organised yearly

Practice of infared thermography
(ref ME32)
LNE, France

Xavier Gauffenic Practice of infrared metrology: application to research, development and control. A 2 hours course on emissivity and infrared properties of materials is given during the training course. The techniques of mesurement of infrared radiative properties used by LNE are also presented.

Date: 14-18 November 2005