Below is a short list of books that cover the theory, principles, techniques, instrumentation and applications in emissivity & other infrared-optical properties.

A fuller list is available through a search of Docs & artefacts.

Books: general information & reading for beginners

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Thermal radiation heat transfer, 4th ed.

by R Siegel & J R Howell
Taylor & Francis


This revised 4th edition provides an up-to-date source of information on the important subjects covered in engineering radiative heat transfer. Suitable for classroom or self-study, and provides an annotated reference to literature and research in the field. An excellent book for both students and professionals.

Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer
5th edition

by F P Incropera & D P DeWitt
John Wiley & Sons

Extensive use of the first law of thermodynamics, Finite Element Heat Transfer (FEHT) program with printed user's guide. A new software program that solves 2D and transient conduction problems. An excellent book for a general introduction to heat transfer principles and practice.

Measurement of thermal radiative properties of materials

by J C Richmond

in  'Compendium of thermophysical property measurement methods', vol. 1,

by K Maglic, A Cezairliyan, V Peletsky (eds.), 1984, Plenum Press, New York

Vol 1 provides a comprehensive review of measurement methods for various thermophysical properties; vol 2 provides deeper coverage of specific techniques for selected properties.




Thermal radiative properties of matter - the TPRC data series
vols. 7-9

by Y S Touloukian & D DeWitt (eds). IFI/Plenum, New York, 1970.

Somewhat dated but still a key source of thermophysical property data; separate volumes cover thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity, thermal radiative properties, viscosity, thermal expansivity and other properties of solids. Each volume has useful introductory pages on the theory and measurement of the property concerned.

Journals are important information sources, including events, R&D projects, technology, equipment and other matters.

Below is a short list of journals that are of interest for example to laboratories working in the field of emissivity & other infrared-optical properties. A fuller list of journals is available through a search of Docs & artefacts.


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High Temperatures - High Pressures

Pion Limited

Covers the thermophysical properties of gases, liquids, and solids, at all temperatures and under all physical conditions. Authoritative reviews of advances in thermophysics research, new technology applications, scientific meeting reports, and book reviews are other regular features.

International Journal of Thermophysics

Springer Science and Business Media, B.V.

ISSN 0195-928X

International Journal of Thermophysics serves as an international medium in the thermophysics field, designed to assist both generators and users of thermophysical properties data. This journal publishes experimental and theoretical papers on thermophysical properties of matter in the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Studies in all ranges of temperature, pressure, wavelength, and other relevant variables are included.

Applied Optics

OSA -Optical Society of America

Applied Optics is OSA's most widely read journal. Published three times a month, Applied Optics reports significant optics applications from optical testing and instrumentation to medical optics, from holography to optical neural networks, from lidar and remote sensing to laser materials processing.

Infrared Physics & Technology


The Journal covers the entire field of infrared physics and technology: theory, experiment, devices and instrumentation. Its core topics can be summarised as the generation, propagation and detection of infrared radiation; the associated optics, materials and devices; and its use in all fields of science, industry and medicine.