Equipment suppliers


A listing of suppliers and manufacturers of equipment relevant to thermal expansion and density can be found below. This list gives the logo of the companies, hot-linked to their websites, and there are notes about the measurement techniques they offer. 

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See also Measurement methods for further detail on measurement techniques.

many other major brands.
Company Link Country Notes
Anter Corporation USA Anter Corporation manufactures thermal properties analysers to measure thermal expansion and shrinkage, thermal conductivity and resistivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of a wide range of materials. Anter can offer various dilatometers, thermal conductivity meters, and Laser flash thermal diffusivity systems.
Ulvac Riko Japan A broad range of instrumentation for measurement of thermal conductivity, diffusivity, expansion and thermal analysis; also special infrared gold-imaging furnaces.
Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH Germany,
Offers a range of products for thermal analysis and characterisation of materials and assembled parts in research, development and quality assurance for the plastic and rubber industries, chemistry, pharmacy, food analysis, paints, metallurgy, building materials, ceramics and refractories. The Netzsch website also lists other national points of contact.
Bähr Thermoanalyse  Germany,
Bähr is a German instrumentation company specialising in high and very high temperature (maximum 2400°C).
Mettler Toledo Switzerland Mettler Toledo is specialised in precision balances but builds also thermal analysis instrumentation.
Setaram scientific & industrial equipment France Setaram is a French instrumentation company which is specialised in thermal analysis and calorimetry
Theta Industries, Inc. USA Theta Industries is an American instrumentation company which is specialised in thermodilatometry (high and very high temperatures) and thermophysical techniques.
Linseis Germany,
Linseis is a German instrumentation company specialising in thermal analysis at high and very high temperatures, up to 2400°C.
TA Instruments USA Theta Industries is an American instrumentation company.
Raytek Germany,
Raytek is specialised in non-contact infrared temperature measurement solutions.
Linkam Scientific Instruments UK Linkam is a world leader in thermal stages for microscopy, offering a huge product range with diverse applications. Their thermal stage systems cover T range of -196 to 1500°C, and have temperature control that ensures highly stable temperature (some to 0.01°C) but also allow rapid heating and cooling. Products include a novel single cell stage for optical DSC measurements over -196 to 600°C 
Thermo-Electra global Thermo-Electra produces thermocouples.
Jumo Germany,
Jumo produces temperature measuring equipment and control instrumentation.
Perkin Elmer USA,
Perkin-Elmer produces and distributes a vast range of analytical measurement devices.
Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation (PMIC) USA PMIC specialise in thermophysical and micromechanical measurements, offering equipment and testing services for coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, optical properties, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, etc.
Orton USA Instrumentation and testing for thermal expansion and other properties.
Adamel Lhomargy SAS France,
Provide testing instrumentation and services (e.g. densimeters).
Data Point Labs USA Testing facility with expertise in plastics, rubber, food, ceramics, and metals.
Tinius Olsen USA Manufacturer and supplier of static tension and/or compression materials testing machines. Tests can be made on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food and also finished components. 
NORTEST UK Offer a range of materials testing instruments and testing services from a number of the worlds' leading manufacturers for testing: paper, paperboards, textiles, insulations, rubbers, plastics, ceramics, composites, metals and other materials.
SL Electrotech (Instrumentation) LTD UK Suppliers of Apple Mac computer products, Lacie, Lindy, Adobe, Intego, Epson, Microsoft and
Expert System Solutions S.r.l. Italy Suppliers of Optical Thermal Analysis equipment and software, used for studying softening, melting, sintering, expansion and contraction, bending, pyroplasticity and for Differential Thermal Analysis.