Below is a list of books, journals, and websites that cover the theory, principles, techniques, instrumentation and applications in thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity (A fuller list is available through a search of Documents.)

The books listed below are helpful for beginners, practitioners and specialists, respectively.

The list of journals is a selection of scientific journals which are frequently used to publish measurement results.

Some websites are listed providing useful practical information for users and experimentalists.

Books: general information & reading for beginners

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Aide-Mémoire du thermicien

by Françoise Massard
Elsevier (1997)
ISBN 2-906077-95-X

This book is intended to help engineers to solve thermal problems by giving general information on heat transfer.

Handbook of Heat Transfer

by W M Rohsenow, J P Hartnett, Young I Cho
McGraw-Hill (1998)
ISBN 0070535558

Reference on heat transfer issues and problem-solving. Has information on all heat transfer principles with special coverage of microscale heat transfer, heat transfer in materials processing, new heat transfer augmentation techniques, thermophysical properties of new refrigerants and innovative heat exchanger methods.

Heat Conduction, 3rd ed.

by Sadik Kakac, Yaman Yener
Taylor & Francis (1992)
ISBN 1560320273

Intended for graduate students and practicing engineers in mechanical engineering and thermal sciences.

Initiation aux transferts thermiques

by Jean-François Sacadura
Lavoisier (1993)

An introduction to heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation) for science undergraduates, new researchers in the field and scientists for whom this is not a specialist subject.

Landolt-Börnstein, Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology. GroupIII, Vol 15, Sub-volume c

by P G Klemens, G Neuer, B Sundquist, C Uhler, G K White
Springer, Berlin (1991)

Thermal conductivity of pure metals and alloys.
The collection of tables and data is part of a programme of Landolt-Börnstein aiming at a critical tabulation of reliable data relevant to metal physics. This collection fills a long-felt need for both experimentalists and theoreticians including non-specialists who find the primary literature and non-critical data collection rather overwhelming


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Advanced Engineering Materials

Wiley-VCH Verlag

Material properties

Foundry Trade Journal

Institute of Cast Metals Engineers

Technical articles covering all aspects of the cast metals field

Giesserei Praxis

Schiele & Schön

Journal of the cast metal industry

High Temperature

Consultants Bureau, An Imprint of Springer Verlag New York LLC

Journal on material properties for high temperatures

High Temperatures - High Pressures

Pion Limited

Covers the thermophysical properties of gases, liquids, and solids, at all temperatures and under all physical conditions. Has reviews of advances in thermophysics research, new technology applications, scientific meeting reports, and book reviews


Title Description Link

Newsletter of HEXAG


A group of organisations involved in heat exchanger technology

Onset Newsletter, Netzsch-Geraetebau

Netzsch-Geraetebau GmbH
English/ German

Information on products for thermal analysis for the characterisation of raw materials and finished parts in research, development and quality assurance