Equipment suppliers


Below is a short list of suppliers of measuring equipment for thermal conductivity and diffusivity. Click on the logos to take you to the company websites. (A fuller listing can be found under Services.)

See also Measurement methods for further detail on measurement techniques.

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Company Link Country Techniques
Anter Corporation

USA Thermal property measuring equipment
Hot Disk

Sweden Transient plane source device
Hukseflux (NL) Thermal Sensors

Netherlands Heat flux sensors, thermal conductivity measurement systems for material science, plastics, soil
ITI Instruments

USA Heat flux transducers, apparatus for thermal conductivity of solids and liquids
Lambda Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden

Germany Guarded hot-plates
Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH (Germany)

Germany/ global Thermal diffusivity (laser flash), thermal conductivity (hot wire, heat flow meter)

Germany Laser measurement and instrumentation systems
Slovak Academy of Sciences

Slovakia Instruments based on the plane source, using either pulse or step-wise transient methods
Taurus Instruments GmbH

Germany Selected thermal instruments for the building sector: heat transfer, fire behaviour
Ulvac Riko

Japan A broad range of instrumentation for measurement of thermal conductivity and  diffusivity
Mathis Instruments Inc.


Instrumentation for measurement of thermal conductivity, effusivity and diffusivity. Manufacturer of ground breaking thermal conductivity meter TCi, distributed exclusively through SETARAM.