Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), TNO Institute of Applied Physics (TPD), Netherlands


TNO is an independent not-for-profit contract research organisation, established by law, whose activity lies in translating technological knowledge into practical applications.  Because of its

position and our mission, TNO forms a bridge between fundamental research and practical application. TNO's mission is to apply technological knowledge with the aim of strengthening the innovative power of industry and government.  To fulfil its mission and bridge function, TNO is active in different areas varying from the development of knowledge to technology transfer.  Among others, the core activities of TNO are:

  • Knowledge development
  • Utilisation of knowledge for clients in industry and in government
  • Commercialisation of knowledge in cooperation with companies
  • Technology transfer, especially to SMEs

TNO Institute of Applied Physics (TPD) is one of the 14 institutes of the TNO. TNO TPD aims to strengthen the competitiveness of its clients by innovative applications of technology.  Technologies are: applied physics, informatics, optics, acoustics, mechanics, electronics, materials and process technology. TNO TPD has been designing and manufacturing heat flux sensors for several decades. Since the 60s it has produced and sold worldwide thousands of heat flux sensors, in every conceivable size and shape. TNO TPD is highly experienced in advising the customer to choose the right sensor type.  Advanced computer models are available at TNO TPD to optimise applications or to develop new heat flux sensors. (Also participating in other European Commission projects: Safibre, Thermes, Sensocer, Windat.)

Key personnel:

Rik van der Graaf, senior research scientist, Ing. Graduated in 1969 from Polytechnic College Dordrecht, Physics department. Employed at TNO TPD since 1971 and involved with the development of thermal sensors and instruments like heat flux sensors, calorimeters (DTA and DSC), instruments for measuring thermal conductivity and since 1987 thermal mass flow sensors. Now, activities are focused on the development of new types thermal mass flow sensors, sensitive temperature-difference sensors and custom-built heat flux sensors.

Huib Blokland, research scientist, graduated in 1992 from Polytechnic College, Physics department. Research scientist in Delft University of Technology, Engineering Department, from 1992 to 1997 doing investigations in the transient mechanical behaviour of rubbers and plastics. Employed at TNO TPD since 1997. Involved in investigations in the field of thermal sensors, especially heat flux sensors and since 1999 has been doing the sales and consultancy for TNO standard heat flux sensors.