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Below is a short list of the main events in the field of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.

Title Contact Date & venue Notes

PhandTA 11 - 11th Conference on Pharmacy & Applied Physical Chemistry

Dr Erwin Marti

7 - 10 February 2010

Innsbrück, Austria

Meeting dedicated to the pharmaceutical applications of thermal analysis and calorimetry.


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30 - 31 March 2010

The Manor House, Aldermaston, UK

British meeting of thermal analysis and calorimetry.


Mohamed Jemal

10-12 May 2010

Tozeur, Tunisia

French meeting of thermal analysis and calorimetry with dedicated emphasis in renewable energies.

7th International Heat Flow Calorimetry Symposium on Energetic Materials

Wim De Klerk

17 - 19 May 2010

Rijswick, The Netherlands

Meeting dedicated to the applications of heat flux calorimetry for energetic materials.

AICAT 2010


26 - 28 May 2010


Italian meeting of thermal analysis and calorimetry.

11th Lähnwitzseminar on Calorimetry 2010 in Rostock

Christoph Schick

7 - 11 June 2010

Rostock, Germany

The scope of the 11th Laehnwitz Seminar on Calorimetry is planned to be on "Calorimetry on a Nano-scale".


Wim De Klerk

20 - 27 August 2010

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

10th European Symposium on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

38th NATAS Annual Conference


15 - 18 August 2010


Annual meeting of the American association of thermal analysis (NATAS)

15th ICTAC Conference


2 - 8 August 2012

Osaka, Japan

The ICTAC congress is held every 4 years. The next meeting is scheduled in August 2012 in Japan.

Past events


Calcon 2006


30 July-4 August 2006

Boulder, Colorado, USA

THERMO International 2006 will include the 16th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, the 19th International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics, and the 61st Calorimetry Conference.

The Calcon conference will include symposia and workshops on Thermodynamics and Properties in the Biological, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, and Food Sectors, Ionic Liquids, Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte Solution Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibrium, Supercritical Fluids, and Separation Technologies, Colloid and Interface Science, Properties and Processes for a Hydrogen-Based Economy.

34th NATAS Annual Conference

Lois Hall

6-9 August 2006

Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Annual meeting of the American Association of Thermal Analysis (NATAS).

ESTAC9 9th European Symposium on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Barbara Malecka

27-31 August 2006

Krakow, Poland

European Symposium on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry held every 4 years. Scope of the conference: instrumentation for thermal analysis and calorimetry, thermodynamics, inorganic chemistry, metallurgy, ceramics and earth science, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical, biological and medicinal sciences, polymer science, catalysis, kinetics and applied sciences

PhandTA 9 - 9th International Conference on Pharmacy and applied Physical Chemistry

Erwin Marti

10-13 September 2006

Düsseldorf, Germany

PhandTA is a conference in the pharmaceutical field dedicated to the physicochemical aspects of the manufacturing processes of active substances, such as crystallisation, phase separation, lyophilisation, drying and especially spray drying and freeze drying. Also included in the Scientific Programme are preformulation and formulation processes for different types of dosage forms.

GEFTA annual meeting

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ziegmann

4-6 October 2006

TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Annual meeting of the German association of thermal analysis (GEFTA), mostly dedicated to thermal analysis, calorimetry and rheology of polymers.

Stability Testing under Controlled RH Using Thermal Methods

Fiona Hay

22 November 2006

Wakehurst Place, UK

Workshop on Stability Testing under Controlled RH using Thermal Methods, with confirmed speakers.

XXVII National Conference on Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis and Chemical Thermodynamics

Dimitrios Fessas

11-15 December 2006

Milan, Italy

Annual meeting of the Italian association of thermal analysis and calorimetry (AICAT) and GICAT (Gruppo Interdivisionale Calorimetria e analisi Termica).

17. Ulm-Freiberger Kalorimetrietage


28-30 March 2007

Freiberg, Germany

Very well known calorimetry meeting organised every 2 years, before by Ulm university and now by Freiberg university.

TMG 2007 meeting

Alan Cooper

3-4 April 2007

Glasgow  (UK)

Annual meeting of the British thermal methods group.

38th AFCAT meeting

Fabienne Lacoulonche

May 2007

Montpellier, France

Annual meeting of the French association of thermal analysis and calorimetry (AFCAT) with dedicated emphasis on pharmaceutical characterisation.

41st IUPAC Congress


5-11 August 2007

Turin, Italy

Announcement of the 41st IUPAC world chemistry congress with a special emphasis on chemistry protecting health, the natural environment and cultural heritage.

35th NATAS Annual Conference

26-29 August 2007

East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Annual meeting of the North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS).

Thermodynamics 2007


Jean_Charles de Hemptinne

26-28 September 2007


Rueil Malmaison, France

Thermodynamics 2007 will be the 20th meeting in a series of thermodynamics conferences that are held approximately every two years since its foundation. The topics of the symposium are:
  • Statistical thermodynamics and molecular simulation
  • Statistical mechanics of soft matter and complex fluids
  • Thermodynamic modelling and equations of state
  • Phase diagrams and supercritical fluids
  • Mixtures and solutions
  • Experimental thermodynamics

GEFTA-Jahrestagung 2007



12-14 September 2007


Bremerhaven, Germany

Annual meeting of the German association of thermal analysis (GEFTA).

    The 31st International Conference on Vacuum Microbalance

    12-14 September 2007

    Izmir (Turkey)

    The subject of this conference covers all aspects of mass and force determination under vacuum or controlled atmosphere and related techniques and their applications in thermogravimetry and measurement of adsorption, magnetic properties, surface tension, porosity,... etc together with the coupling of these techniques to Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA), Dilatometry, Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), Derivative Thermogravimetry (DTG), Spectroscopic Analysis (MS, IR, RX, CPG,.. etc.).

      14th ICTAC Congres

      14-20 September 2008

      Sao Pedro, Brazil

      The ICTAC congress is held every 4 years. The next meeting is scheduled in September 2008 in Brazil. More information to come.