Measurement services

Below is a short list of institutions that offer measurement services in thermal analysis and calorimetry. (A fuller list can be found by clicking on Services and selecting 'Measurement services'.)

In the table below, click on Institution for more detail and on Contact name to ask for information.

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Type of service Institute & link Country Contact Phone

Test & calibration, DMA


UK Sam Gnaniah

+44 20 8943 6174




Dipak Gohil

+44 20 8943 8624

Heat capacity, enthalpy, transition temperature



Lindsay Chapman

+44 20 8943 6596

Drop calorimetry



Rob Brooks

+44 20 8943 6496 

DSC, enthalpy, transition temperature, purity, Thermo-gravimetry, degradation

Ezus Lyon


Jean Marie Letoffe

+33 4 7269 7603

Enthalpy of reaction, enthalpy of mixing, heat capacity, safety investigations

Swiss Institute of Safety and Security

Switzerland Francis Stoessel +41 61 6962501
Heat capacity, oxidative stability


France Bruno Hay +33 1 30 69 12 20
Transition, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, thermal expansion

Société Française de Céramique

France Sophie Auclerc +33 1 5656 7080
Safety investigations, chemical reactions hazards, thermal instability


UK, France, Italy Contact (UK)

Contact (France)

Thermal analysis (DTA, laserflash conductivity, dilatometry) and thermal metrology (calibration)

Centre Recherche Henri Tudor

Luxembourg Claude Becker (+ 352) 54 55 80 541