Below is a short list of European projects relevant to thermal transport properties. (For a fuller listing search for projects at Services.)

Projects help industrial organisations, particularly SMEs, to learn about the industrial research being carried out, to have opportunities for collaboration, or simply to benefit from the resulting knowledge transfer activities.

Project title Contact Notes
Basic Actinide Research Organisation:

Contact person:
Gerard Lander
Development and validatation of new methods/equipment for the analysis of actinides in alloys, compounds, fresh and irradiated fuel, including specific heat determination, high temperature phase diagrams, thermal conductivity
Ohmic heating for Food Processing Organisation:

Contact person:
Mike Harrison
Development of an alternative heating process through the use of ohmic heating, where the heat is generated through passing an electric current through the food heating it as a result of electric resistance
Development of innovative high performance anodised aluminium moulding tools for the thermoplastic processing sector Organisation:

Contact person:
G. Williams
Development of technologies for the manufacture of aluminium tools (with optimised mechanical and thermal properties) for thermoplastics processing applications
Thematic network on hazard assessment of highly reactive systems Organisation:

Contact person:
Rosa Nomen
The aim of HarsNet to contribute to the design of intrinsically safe processes, giving precedence to prevention in front of protection, and reducing the probability of the runaway to a minimum (use of the reaction calorimetry)
Network on Process Safety Organisation:

Contact person:
Provides extensive opportunities i.e: discuss safety problems, find out about the new ideas from the results of the world-wide effort in safety esearch, learn of new safety technologies, be offered opportunities for the analysis and resolution of specific safety problems, keep abreast of new legislation and standards
Innovative materials and technologies for the conservation of paper of historical, artistic and archaeological value Organisation:

Contact person:
Gennaro Gentile
Development of innovative diagnostic techniques and protocols to evaluate the deterioration degree of paper items of historical and artistic value, and the study of innovative materials and technologies for their conservation (including thermal characterization techniques)