European research laboratories, academic institutions and other organisations offer a variety of training courses relevant to thermal analysis and calorimetry, both on a regular basis or by arrangement.

The vendors (instrument companies) also offer training courses on their equipment.

More recently, e-learning has appeared in the field of thermal analysis. (For example, see the attached Word document (78 KB) on e-learning for thermal analysis by Ole Toft Sorensen.).

Below is a short list of training events in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry, with brief information. A fuller listing is available through a search of Training.

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Training organisations

Title & type



I W P C P S® 8

Eighth International Workshop on Physical Characterization of Pharmaceutical Solids

Solid state characterisation of pharmaceuticals

Assa international, Ettlingen, Germany, email

The workshop will combine information about modern laboratory techniques (especially calorimetric techniques) to solve pharmaceutical problems and teaching about solid state characterization of pharmaceuticals

Date : 18-24 June 2006

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Calorimétrie: Outil indispensable à la sécurité. Contrôle de la réaction chimique. Explosivité des poudres.

Type: Principes et methodes d'analyse calorimétrique

CPE, Lyon, France, email

Faire connaître les potentialités de cette technique comme apport indispensable à la DSC, en particulier dans le suivi de la réaction chimique en sécurité.

Date: 19 -21 September 2006

Analyse Thermique

Type: Principes et méthodes d'analyse thermique et calorimétrique

CPE, Lyon, France, email

Présenter les principes et la mise en oeuvre des techniques de l'analyse thermique. Donner des notions de bases de l'analyse thermique nécessaires pour la compréhension du comportement des matériaux sous l'influence de la chaleur

Date: 4 - 8 December 2006

Cristallisation et Polymorphisme

Type: Principes, méthodes,  instrumentations, applications

CPE, Lyon, France, email

Formation présentant les concepts de base du polymorphisme, les méthodes de caractérisation (en particulier DSC et calorimétrie), la cristallisation en solution, l'impact du polymorphisme sur le procédé, les capteurs pour le suivi et le contrôle d'une forme déterminée

Date: 11 - 13 December 2006

Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Type: Principles, methods,  instrumentation, applications, demonstrations, curve interpretation

Therm@l Consulting, France, email


Organisation of training courses at the site of the companies with a dedicated program according to the techniques (DTA, DSC, TGA and combined techniques, TMA, calorimetry) and the industrial fields.

Date by arrangement.

Location: On company site.

Training from equipment vendors (available on request)

Title & type



Training on DTA, DSC, TGA, TMA

Training on Netzsch equipment in Europe

Training on DTA, DSC, TGA, TMA, calorimeters

Training on Setaram equipment in France

Training on DSC, TGA, DMA, Modulated DSC

Training on TA Instruments equipment in the UK


Title & type



Training tutorial on CD-Rom

The first CD-Rom "Introduction to Differential Scanning Calorimetry" includes topics ranging from concepts and practices of thermal analysis to the measurement of reaction rates, purity, oxidative stability, melting and crystallisation behaviour, and crystallinity of polymers.

Virtual classroom teaching

Ole Toft Sorensen

The virtual classroom is operated through a server. All participants need to download a programme which will enable and control the communication. It is possible to log on as a teacher, presenter or a student, but it is the teacher who has full control over the session. Ole Toft Sorensen gives teaching in the field of thermal ceramic characterisation. (LINK)

E-training courses

Live and pre-recorded courses via the Internet. An experienced thermal analyst presents every course. Courses on DSC, TGA, DMA.