Below are some European projects relevant to thermal expansion and density. (For a more complete listing also covering other thermal properties search for projects under Services.)

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Project title Contact Notes
Validating contact and non-contact (laser based) techniques for thermal properties measurement on solids from ambient to high temperatures Organisation:
National Physical Laboratory

Contact person:
Andrew Levick


+44 20 89773222
Includes transient contact (needle probe, transient plane source) and photothermal methods
Developing accurate techniques for measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity (steady-state and transient methods) Organisation:
Laboratoire National d'Essais

Contact person:
Bruno Hay

+33 130 691220
LNE works currently on metrological projects in the field of thermal properties, concerning notably:
- thermal diffusivity measurements of liquids, multilayer and composites by transient methods
- thermal conductivity measurements of polymers and ceramics by steady-state methods.
Developing method for measurement of thermophysical properties of materials at very high temperature. Organisation:
Centre Thermique de Lyon (CETHIL)

Contact person:
Martin Raynaud

+33 472 436314
Development of measurement techniques at high temperatures