Construction (including building materials)


This area is for people interested in thermal products and processes related to construction industry. Click on the items below.  


Case studies



British Board of Agrement is an organisation partnered with UK Government providing certification and information on the performance of building products. Carry out laboratory and site inspections and factory production control.


Industry guides

Testo AG supply instrumentation for temperature and humidity measurement and have free illustrated industry guidance documents (pdf, in German) for temperature measurement in food, infrared measurement, management and calibration of traceable testing equipment and measurement of room climate. There are also general introductory application notes (pdf, in English) on temperature and humidity measurement.



AICO (Associazione Italiana Compositi fibrosi) promotes the development and application of fibre-reinforced polymers in the construction industry.

BPF (British Plastics Federation) is the leading trade association of the UK plastics industry.

BRE (Building Research Establishment) UK centre of expertise on buildings, construction, energy, environment, fire and risk. Provides research-based consultancy, testing and certification.

EURIMA (European Insulation Manufacturers Association) represents the interests of all major mineral wool producers throughout Europe.

Glass and Glazing Federation is a UK trade association for all those who make, supply or fit flat glass, such as windows, film or plastics.

NIST BFRL (Building and Fire Research Laboratory) is concerned with developing the performance of construction materials and systems and aims to meet the measurement and standards needs of the Building and Fire Safety communities.

SFIC (Syndicat Français de l'Industrie Cimentière)represents French companies in the field of cement and related products.

TIMSA (Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, UK) represents all the major insulation manufacturers and many of the suppliers and distributors in the UK thermal insulation industry.

TNO Building and Construction Research conducts standard tests and one-off measurements and tests of new materials or constructions. The laboratory tests new structural concepts and offers building suppliers support for product and process innovation.

ZAE BAYERN (The Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research) develops and optimizes energy-efficient components and systems for building applications on the basis of innovative materials such as aerogels and phase change materials. Particular focuses of development are vacuum insulation panels and glazing, daylighting elements as aerogel glazing as well as passive cooling systems, e.g. regenerative cooling by way of radiative cooling and phase change materials.




Information about European Union-funded projects may be found at CORDIS (Community Research & Development Information Service). And you can try to find specific projects here.


Temperature measurement

Infrared (non-contact) temperature measurement equipment and related resources (like training, calibration & industry application notes) can be found at the sites below:

FLIR Systems
Land Instruments International
Mikron Infrared


Thermal property data

Firstly, try the evitherm data centre, where you might find the data you need and, if it's pay-for, more cheaply.


Useful links

Thermal Imaging for Building Fabric Insulation Compliance (Thermal Network meeting held at NPL, February 2005). Contents (all pdf files downloadable from the NPL website):

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - B Anderson, BRE
Checking Compliance with Building Regulations - England and Wales, C Pearson BSRIA & UKT
Finnish Building Regulations, T Kauppinen, VTT  
Canadian Building Thermography Standards: Creating a Level Playing Field, T Colantonio, PWGS Canada 
The German Approach to Thermal Insulation of Dwellings and Checking with Thermography, H Bruggemann, Raytek
Thermal Imaging Standards for Improved Quality, H McEvoy, NPL
Evaluating the Thermal Performance of Reflective Insulation Systems, R Williams, NPL.


IES offer simulation software for building performance assessment; and building performance consultancy and training. A thermal simulation example can be found in this 2-page pdf document.

Reference materials

JTCCM (Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials) covers testing, evaluation and certification of construction materials and building components. Have reference materials for thermal conductivity.

NPL provides reference materials for various thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity, diffusivity, emissivity etc.) and material types (metals, ceramics, insulation, etc.)

NIST provides reference materials for chemical composition, engineering and physical properties.