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Case studies

CS1.  Aluminium Extrusion Temperature Measurement

This is a very typical industrial problem from the Metals sector. The question is – ‘Can you help me find an accurate infrared temperature measurement device to measure profile and billet for aluminium extrusions?’




Industry guides

Guidelines for temperature measurement in industry have been published in the 3511 series of VDI/VDE .

The guideline consists of five parts, covering the fields principles and special methods, contact thermometers, measuring systems, radiation thermometers, and installation of thermometers. All parts of the guideline are available bilingual in English and German.



AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) Through a network of technical committees, AISI facilitates exchange of information on operating practices within the industry and monitors technical advances in materials.  The website has news, learning material, articles etc.

Aluminium Association is the trade association for producers of primary aluminium, recyclers and semi-fabricated aluminium products, and suppliers to the industry.

American Foundry Society provides and promotes knowledge and services for the metal casting industry in the areas of technology, management and education.

CMI (Cast Metals Institute, USA) the educational arm of the American Foundry Society; has training videos for sale with presentations by experts on a number of foundry topics.

European Aluminium Association founded in 1981, represents the aluminium industry in Europe. EAA members are the European primary aluminium producers, national associations representing the manufacturers of rolled and extruded products in 17 European countries, the Organisation of European Aluminium Remelters and Refiners (OEA) and the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA).

European Foundry Association is the umbrella organisation of the European foundry industry, established in 1953. Its membership includes the national foundry associations from 17 European countries.

FEMS (Federation of European Materials Societies) is a non-profit umbrella organisation  serving 24 national materials societies in 22 countries, with over 25,000 members in Europe engaged in the production, utilisation, and development of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.

IOMMM (International Organization of Minerals, Metals & Materials Societies) promote and facilitates communication and cooperation among the worldwide materials, metals and minerals societies and institutes to the benefit of their members and the enhancement of the profession and industries associated with them.

Land Instruments supply infrared temperature measurement systems and offer application solutions for the iron & steel and non-ferrous alloy industries.

MRS (Materials Research Society) is a not-for-profit organisation bringing together scientists, engineers and research managers from industry, government, academia and research laboratories to share findings in the research and development of new materials of technological importance.

TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, USA) is a professional organisation covering materials and engineering, from minerals processing and primary metals production to basic research and the advanced applications of materials. A bust site with broad coverage.



Information about European Union-funded projects may be found at CORDIS (Community Research & Development Information Service). And you can try to find specific projects here.


Temperature measurement

Infrared (non-contact) temperature measurement equipment and related resources (like training, calibration & industry application notes) can be found at the sites below:

FLIR Systems
Land Instruments International
Mikron Infrared


Thermal property data

Firstly, try the evitherm data centre, where you might find the data you need and, if it's pay-for, more cheaply.


Useful links

Reference materials

Reference materials for various thermal properties (thermal conductivity, heat capacity, emissivity, expansion etc.) are available at LGC and NIST.

NPL provides reference materials for various thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity, diffusivity, emissivity etc.) and material types (metals, ceramics, insulation, etc.)

NIST provides reference materials for chemical composition, engineering and physical properties.