This area is for people interested in thermal products and processes related to biotechnology. Please see introducing biotechnology for a general introduction. Click on the items below. 


Case studies

Case 1 - Fermentation

Case 2 - Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)




Industry guides

The BioIndustry Association (a trade association) provides a guide for Measurements for Biotechnology .

The UK National Measurement System has a New measurements for biotechnology programme at the National Physical Laboratory (UK); an illustrated newsletter (pdf document) provides notes about various programmes.

reportsure provide biotechnology business guides.



Bioindustry Park aims to promote and develop biotechnological research. For national and international small and medium-sized enterprises who want to set up research and experimental production in the chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, veterinary, food, cosmetics, bioengineering and bioinformatics and information science fields. It provides some useful links in biotechnology.

EuropaBio is the European Association for Bioindustries.

European Society for Biomaterials is a non-profit
scientific association aiming to encourage research and information dissemination in the field of biomaterials.

Society For Biomaterials promotes advances in all phases of materials research and development. Fosters cooperative educational programs, clinical applications, and professional standards in the biomaterials field.

Glasgow Biological Microcalorimetry Facility The Biophysical Chemistry research group has over 30 years experience in the development and applications of microcalorimetry as a biophysical method of choice for non-invasive analysis of biomolecular stability and interactions.



Information about European Union-funded projects may be found at CORDIS (Community Research & Development Information Service). And you can try to find specific projects here.


Temperature measurement

Infrared (non-contact) temperature measurement equipment and related resources (like training, calibration & industry application notes) can be found at the sites below:

FLIR Systems
Land Instruments International
Mikron Infrared


Thermal property data

Firstly, try the evitherm data centre, where you might find the data you need and, if it's pay-for, more cheaply.


Useful links

Cato Research provide a Biotechnology Information Directory.

ChemWeb was launched in April 1997 and is now the largest online chemical community in the world, offering a wide range of information for those in research chemistry, the chemicals industries and related disciplines. Membership free.

Reference materials

LGC is a well-known provider of chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, DNA testing and genetic screening, research, method validation, consultancy and analytical outsourcing, and distributes reference standards and ATCC biomaterials throughout Europe.

IRMM is one of the seven institutes of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and one of the world's largest providers of reference materials.

NIST provides reference mateiras for chemical composition, engineering and physical properties.