Precision engineering and optics


This area is for people interested in thermal products and processes related to the precision engineering and optics sectors. Click on the items below. 


Case studies



Try searching the sites of and (micro-system technology).


Industry guides

Testo AG supplies instrumentation for temperature measurement and offers for free illustrated industry guidance documents (pdf in many languages) for temperature measurements in food, infrared measurement, management and calibration of traceable testing equipment and measurement of room climate. There are also general introductory application notes on temperature and humidity measurement.



The European Industrial Federation EUROM is actively engaged in Europe as a representative of the precision mechanical and optical industries and consists of 7 branches:

  • EUROM I Ophthalmic Optics
  • EUROM II Optics, Laser & Laboratory Instrumentation
  • EUROM III Photography and Video Technology
  • EUROM IV Precision Mechanics
  • EUROM V Measurement and Automation Technology
  • EUROM VI Medical Technology
  • EUROM VII Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Care Products



Information about European Union-funded projects may be found at CORDIS (Community Research & Development Information Service). And you can try to find specific projects here.



Temperature measurement

Infrared (non-contact) temperature measurement equipment and related resources (like training, calibration & industry application notes) can be found at the sites below:

FLIR Systems
Land Instruments International
Mikron Infrared
Testo AG


Thermal property data

Most materials used in precision engineering and optics are metals, glass, silicon, plastics and several special adhesives. For metals, glass, plastics and silicon (semiconductors) firstly, try the evitherm data centre, where you might find the data you need and, if it`s pay-for, more cheaply.

For temperature data of adhesives information can be found via FEICA, the Association of European Adhesives Manufacturers with about 480 industrial members in 15 countries.


Useful links


Special safety conditions for temperature measurement are followed in the area of highly explosive liquids, gases and chemicals. Click on, where you can search for ISO-standards on explosion protection in temperature measurement.

Reference materials

NPL provides reference materials for various thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity, diffusivity, emissivity etc.) and material types (metals, ceramics, insulation, etc.)

NIST provides reference materials for chemical composition, engineering and physical properties.