Thermal analysis of polymeric materials

A course by Bernhard Wunderlich, emeritus professor, University of Tennessee at Knoxville and and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

Who would benefit?

The course is an introduction to the thermal analysis of polymers, aimed to bring you from an undergraduate to a graduate level. People who would benefit in particular include polymer scientists, materials scientists and textile engineers.

Course contents

Chapter 0: Introduction
Chapter 1: Atoms, small & large molecules
Chapter 2: Basis of thermal analysis
Chapter 3: Dynamics of thermal analysis
Chapter 4: Thermal analysis tools
Chapter 5: Structure and properties of materials
Chapter 6: Single component materials
Chapter 7: Multiple component materials

(Readers of this course may also be interested in the free ATHAS database on polymer properties.)

How to install and run the course

The total content of this course will occupy about 100 Mb of memory and runs on the Sun Microsystems Java platform. Download and expand Chapter 0 first, best into a new directory on your computer, and call it "ATHAS". Next, read the "Read-Me.txt" file in this download for further instructions, such as where to find the basic program: "Thermal Analysis.jar" and how to install, if you do not already have it, the Java software, and where auxiliary text information is given in the "Tools" directory. After trying out "Lecture 00-Introduction, Preface, General References & Contents.vcs" you can download the other Chapters as you need them and expand these also into the same "ATHAS" directory. After proper expansion, the zip files are of no further use and can be erased.

    Chapter 0 (2.6 MB)
    Chapter 1 (5.9 MB)
    Chapter 2 (6.8 MB)
    Chapter 3 (6.8 MB)
    Chapter 4 (9.1 MB)
    Chapter 5 (10.3 MB)
    Chapter 6 (5.1 MB)
    Chapter 7 (4.2 MB)