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Welcome to the evitherm help centre. Evitherm has a number of ways to help answer your thermal questions.

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For answers to frequently asked questions: FAQs (see below)
For an answer to your question from evitherm: Advice line (see below)
For help in finding and selecting thermal property data: Finding data

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Become an expert - you may wish to apply to become an expert and there is a form provided in your user area for this purpose. As an expert you are prepared to field enquiries that may or may not lead to paid consultancy. Enter details of your expertise in the form and specify the areas in which you would particularly welcome approaches.

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If there are other ways that we could help you please let us know: Contact us.



The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below provide basic answers to some common questions.

Advice line

If you did not find an answer to your problem in the above FAQs then you may like to ask the evitherm team.

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