A look inside ...

This section provides a quick guide to what is available on the evitherm website. This covers how to gain access to content held in the evitherm database, thermal properties data for a wide range of materials and industries, and other thermal resources and thermal experts. Access is either via the left-hand menu or the coloured buttons near the centre of the home page.



Left-hand menu

The buttons from Search down to Training provide access to search tools that allow you to look up data in the evitherm database, just like using yellow pages.


Search buttons   
Click on one of these buttons and a search window appears, containing data filters which allow you to narrow your search further, if required. You DO NOT have to use the search filters, you might instead just hit the Search button immediately or type in a word or two in the Search field, just as you might do in Google, for example.


Features and other buttons   
Below the search buttons are buttons giving you access to other features. For instance, Forum allows you to enter and participate in the various discussion rooms. If you have a question - eg, maybe you wish to ask other users about the measurements you are making, or maybe you are looking for a user manual for an out-of-date apparatus - then you may find one of the forums a useful place to visit.

Data search window for Events               


If you cannot find the answer to your question via one of the forums or in the FAQ area then you could try the FREE advice line (in FAQs & Advice line) giving you access to the evitherm team.


A key feature of the evitherm website is its facility for thermal property data. Finding data provides a route to high quality thermal property data on a range of materials relevant to industry and other organisations. Here you can gain access to websites providing FREE or PAY-FOR data. You will also find there the evitherm data scheme, whereby you can gain affordable access to the world's best data sources at a specially negotiated rate - exclusive to evitherm users.

Evitherm data scheme - these and other data sources can be found in Finding data




Technical sections

The technical sections have titles such as Conduction of heat, Thermal expansion, etc. and are accessible by clicking on the coloured areas on the website home page (see figure below).



These sections give examples of the technical information that you can find in the evitherm database (accessible from searches on the website left-hand menu) and also give some comments and guidance relevant to the thermal property of interest. For example, in Conduction of heat there is a section on thermal conductivity and diffusivity and a section explaining the purpose and use of reference materials relevant to those thermal properties. Other technical sections do something similar - the structure and purpose of the technical sections are essentially the same.



Thermal Efficiency


This area is accessible via the central red area on the homepage. It enables you to find thermal links and information that are of interest to a particular industry sector.



For instance, clicking on Thermal Efficiency, and then selecting Food produces the following menu of resources:

  • Case studies
  • Consultants
  • Industry guides
  • Modelling
  • Organisations - international
  • Organisations - research
  • Projects
  • Quality
  • Reference materials
  • Safety
  • Temperature measurement
  • Thermal property data
  • Training
  • Useful links 

So if you are interested in property data, for example, clicking on Thermal property data gives the following display:


Thermal property data

Firstly, try the evitherm data centre, where you might find the data you need and, if it's pay-for, more cheaply. Thermal property data may also be found at the following websites:

COSTHERM (program for predicting thermal properties of foods)

CINDAS (thermophysical properties, mainly solids)

eFoodSolver (has a thermal property predictor tool at the foot of the page)

Nelfood (food physical properties data)
















The above result shows the various thermal property data sources that you can connect to. Note that the Nelfood data source is available at special rates via the evitherm data scheme.